Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Invités d'été

So here is a quick overview of our summer visitors and adventures. As you will notice the majority of them have to do with going to the beach. Ah yes, summer in Marseille.

One of our most adventurous days involved five separate boat trips. We took the navette (public transport boat) from near our house to the Vieux Port, then from the Vieux Port to the notorious Chateau D'If, from D'If to Frioul Islands for a bit of a swim and beach sitting and then back to the Vieux Port and back on the navette home. I was so proud of Elise. She was able to handle all of the boats even though she has a bit of a week stomach.

Chateau D'If. Coud you escape?

Frioul Islands. These used to the quarantine station for Marseille. Your boat had to stay here for forty days without showing signs of illness, otherwise you were not aloud to enter Marseille.

Marseille from the water.

My favorite Calanque, En Vau! Yes the water is really that blue.

I took Elise and Aid to Nimes to discover the treasures along the Via Domitia. From Roman arenas, to Romantic fountains. Nimes is definitely one of my favourite towns.

Another typically provencale day of travelling up to the hilltop village of Le Castellet.

On the same day we visited the amazingly colourful seaside town of Bandol.

We also paid another visit to Pont de Gard. Yes that is us in front of an olive tree that is more than a millenia old!

More beach time with Pascal, Jacqueline, Elise and Aid.

A summer visitor of a different variety.

And of course more sight seeing at Notre Dame de la Garde. This time with Aerick and Willa.

The Panier District. The oldest section of Marseille.

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